Tutorial Videos

Tutorial Videos

From time to time, we will be recording brief tutorial videos to help new LIWC users (new and old) learn how to get the most out of the application. Videos will be added to this page as they are recorded.

Note that the topic of psychological text analysis is broad, complex, and full of difficult questions that cannot be covered in a brief tutorial series. Most serious language analysis scholars have dedicated a large portion of their lives to such questions, and one could write a whole book on the topic. In fact, several of us have! If you're looking for a bigger/broader introduction to the underlying theories of text analytics, we can recommend starting with the Handbook of Language Analysis in Psychology, particularly the chapter on methods, principles, and practices.

Tutorial 1: Getting Started with LIWC-22

Tutorial 2: Tips and Old Army Tricks

Tutorial 3: Word Frequencies and Word Clouds

Tutorial 4: The Dictionary Workbench

Tutorial 5: Language Style Matching

Tutorial 6: Meaning Extraction Method

Tutorial 7: Arc of Narrative